An Affordable Canadian Shipping Service

Heartland Transport Ltd is a shipping service based out of Langley, BC. We have been serving the local Canadian community with their warehousing and packaging needs. We offer freight transportation service and have the expertise and knowledge to provide you with superior service and be well recognized as a leading shipping company.

We owe our success to our clientele that continues to use us as there go to shipping company. Heartland Transport has earned the trust of our clients throughout Cana, offering the highest level service at the most affordable price.  We guarantee our service and are committed to offering time-sensitive performance.

Highly Competitive Solutions with Affordable Pricing

We offer highly competitive pricing on all of our shipping services to meet your business and personal needs. Heartland Transport focuses our efforts on providing great regional service; we operate more efficiently then all of our competitors and other carriers. We have helped many companies with freight transportation and hauling service.

Heartland Transport has the ability to give you value-added features that allows for your shipment to get to its destination in a timely manner. We strive to improve service to our customers by offering transit service that beats all other companies.  With fewer extra service fees we are committed to offering the following services and saving you time and money.

Freight Transportation

All of our employees are well trained and have extensive knowledge and experience in the industry. They will help you with all your shipping options and go over the best options for you. Everyone that works for Heartland transport is well trained and takes pride in performing top-notch service.

Give us a call today and use our shipping service at (604) 888-3364!